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Preservation Week discussion

The Legal Information Preservation Alliance invites you to join us on Monday, April 23, as we launch Preservation Week 2018 with a 2-day listserv discussion about preservation of and access to state government information.

With the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Material Act (UELMA) in seventeen states and Washington, DC, many resources are in place to ensure access, authentication, and preservation of online legal information at the state level. But UELMA implementation is different in every jurisdiction, and many questions remain about permanent public access to online legal information in non-UELMA states. Here are some of the issues we hope to uncover in the LIPA discussion.

  1. What is your state doing about access to online legal and state government information? What is your state doing about preservation of these resources?

  2. What have been effective strategies for promoting and funding permanent public access in your state?

  3. What can we as law librarians and our parent institutions do to help ensure the preservation of primary documents from our state governments?

  4. What concerns do you have about what is or is not happening in your state?

We look forward to a lively discussion of these and other questions about the preservation future of state government information. We hope to hear from all fifty states, so watch for our opening message next Monday and please join the conversation!

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