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Copyright and Digital Rights Management

  • Copyright Renewal Database (Stanford database that makes searchable the copyright renewal records received by the U.S. Copyright Office between 1950 and 1993 for books published in the U.S. between 1923 and 1963.)

  • Creative Commons (nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works)

  • U.S. Copyright Search (“Search for copyright information about books, music, and other registered works.”)

Digital Preservation Resources


Standards and Guidelines


Other U.S.



Open Source Software for Digital Repositories

  • DSpace (developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Labs)

  • EPrints (developed at the University of South Hampton, UK)

  • Fedora (developed by Cornell University Information Science and the University of Virginia Library)

  • Greenstone (produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project)

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