Legal Information Archive (LIA)

The Legal Information Archive (LIA) is a program of the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA), a non-profit consortium of academic, federal, state and public law libraries working on projects to preserve print and electronic legal information.

LIA is a collaborative digital archive established to preserve and ensure permanent access to vital legal information published online. It represents an opportunity for the law library community to take on new responsibilities as stewards of our digital legal heritage.

The genesis of the collection consists of materials gathered by the Chesapeake Digital Preservation Project, a collaboration between Georgetown University Law Library, the Maryland State Law Library, the Virginia State Law Library, and Harvard University Law Library. These materials feature government, policy, and legal information archived from the Web.

For more information about the Legal Information Archive, contact Michelle Trumbo, LIPA Executive Director, or Julie Kimbrough, LIPA 2020-2021 Board of Directors Chair.