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Publishers’ Preservation Statements

The William S. Hein blog contained this statement posted May 23, 2011: “Our storage policy is to have multiple copies of HeinOnline and microforms in various locations in different cities for protection against an accident or natural disaster.”The Hein brochure Long Term Policy for the Archive and Storage of HeinOnline, Microforms & Print Material, which was downloaded from the HeinOnline website on May 30, 2011, gives more detailed information.

The Law Library Microform Consortium website contains this statement: “Preservation: LLMC members receive a high quality source of digital or film replacement for their older, physically deteriorating books, while ensuring the preservation of the texts in multiple formats. In addition to the digital images captured in our scanning program and backed up on multiple servers, images are ‘written’ to archival-quality Silver-Halide film as a second safe storage medium. Finally, the original paper blocks of scanned books are preserved in ideal dark-archive space leased by LLMC in salt mines in Kansas.”

Gale, publisher of the Making of Modern Law Databases, states on its Gale Digital Collections website that it has committed to the Portico archive a number of its collections, including The Making of Modern Law Legal Treatises, The Making of Modern Law Trials, and The Making of Modern Law U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs. In March 2011, Gale announced that it was adding the Making of Modern Law Primary Sources as well.

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