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Margaret K. Maes Award for Legal Preservation and Archives Scholarship

It is with deep appreciation for her work that we announce the establishment of the Margaret K. Maes Award for Legal Preservation and Archives Scholarship. This award will recognize the outstanding contributions made by individuals to scholarship about legal preservation and archives. It serves as a testament to the legacy of Margie, whose passion for preservation has made a lasting impact on the law library community.

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Margie's Legacy

Margie earned her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and her Master’s in Librarianship from the University of Denver. Margie was a dedicated and respected law librarian for more than 40 years. She started her career at a law firm library in Denver, before moving to the library at the National Center for State Courts, followed by academic law libraries at Cornell University, the University of Minnesota, and St. Thomas University. Throughout her career she was a member of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), serving as that association's president in 1999-2000. She received dozens of AALL honors including being inducted into the AALL Hall of Fame in 2014. She was awarded the association's highest honor in 2018, when she was presented the Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award.


The last ten years of Margie’s professional life were spent as Executive Director of the Legal Information Preservation Alliance. During her tenure, law library participation in LIPA doubled. This increase in membership enabled the funding and subsidization of preservation programs such as PALMPrint, Archive-It, the Law Review Preservation Program, and the Legal Information Archive. Thanks to Margie’s incredible efforts, LIPA remains a leader in the preservation and archiving community.


In creating this award, we seek to honor Margie’s legacy, her advocacy for librarian scholarship, and her work to ensure the preservation of our legal heritage for future generations. LIPA also aims to encourage and recognize the important contributions of others working in this area, and to foster a continued dialogue about the importance of legal preservation and archives.

The award will be presented annually to the author(s) of a significant publication in the field of legal preservation and archives, as determined by LIPA’s Board of Directors. The author(s) of award-winning articles will receive $500. The winning publication will demonstrate a deep understanding of the field, make a significant contribution to its advancement, and underscore the importance of legal information preservation.


Annually, the LIPA Board will collect and evaluate articles meeting the award criteria from all major publications in law librarianship. We also invite scholars to submit their published work on legal preservation topics for consideration. The deadline for direct submissions is June 1st. Please send all submissions to The Margaret K. Maes Award will be presented at LIPA's business meeting during the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting in July.

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