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LIPA Project Grant

All LIPA member institutions are eligible to apply for a LIPA Project Grant of up to $2,500. This is an annual grant to promote and support preservation and archival initiatives at law libraries. Strong preference will be given to projects that further LIPA’s mission of open access and innovation in the area of special collections, preservation, and archives.


Examples of potential uses of a Project Grant include, but are not limited to: the purchase of equipment; acquisition of technology resources such as software programs or subscriptions; and travel and lodging costs associated with the project. Ideal projects for a Project Grant are digital collections (born-digital or digitized); conversion projects; metadata and search functionality improvements; and scholarly research on preservation and/or archives. Creative and new ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

Applications for this Grant must be submitted on or before June 1, 2024. Every complete and timely application will be considered by LIPA's Board of Directors. The Board reserves the right to award multiple grants; however, submission of an application does not guarantee funding. Recipients will be announced in July. Please direct questions and completed grant applications to Michelle Trumbo at




  • This completed application form. In lieu of the website form below, applicants may choose to use this Word version. 

  • A narrative description of the proposed project. This description should address the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this project and why is it important to pursue? In particular, please be sure to specify if the project involves preservation of unique or at-risk materials.

  • Why is this project important to the field of preservation, archives, or special collections?

  • How does the project further the goals of open access? Does it increase accessibility for communities which are underserved, diverse, or facing other barriers to access?

  • What project-related need(s) would this grant fulfill?

  • What other sources of resources or support, if any, have been obtained to facilitate this project?

  • What is the end product of the project (e.g., a new digital collection, scholarly work, etc.)?


  • A preliminary project budget listing identified funding needs and anticipated costs.


  • A detailed project timeline. Generally, projects awarded a grant through LIPA will be completed within one year of receiving funding. Extensions or longer timelines are permissible, but require advance approval from the Board.


  • A current resume or curriculum vitae for all anticipated project participants.

Project Grant Application

Applicants must check each box below:
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