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LIPA Board Meets at AALS

LIPA board members Dan Cordova, Larry Reeves, Susan Nevelow-Mart, Melissa Bernstein, Margie Maes, Christine Iaconeta, and Julie Kimbrough gather for a photo after the bi-annual LIPA membership meeting at AALS in San Diego. The membership meeting, which was hosted by the San Diego County Law Library, provided a forum for discussion of LIPA strategic initiatives.

Board Pic 2018

LIPA Membership Meeting

Friday, January 5, 2017, 2:30-4:00pm PST, San Diego Law Library

  1. Introductions and welcome (Melissa Bernstein)

  2. Chair’s report (Melissa Bernstein)

  3. LIPA board worked to increase membership (added 9 members and lost 5 this year, net gain of $4,500 dues)

  4. Continue to support

  5. Sponsor of Best Practices Exchange in Boston; Dan Cordova and Margie Maes presented a program

  6. Sponsor of NDSA in Pittsburgh

  7. Board continued work this year on LIPA 3.0 Task Force Report; Executive Director Succession Plan and Policy approved

  8. Education Committee has been working on webinar ideas; programs during Preservation Week

  9. Executive Director’s report (Margie Maes)

  10. Membership has doubled in past 10 years

  11. We are currently maxed out at what we can offer at current funding and staffing level; need to increase revenue through additional membership or revenue streams

  12. Mid-year financial report

  13. LawArXiv was the conference bag sponsor for the 2017 IALL meeting in Atlanta

  14. Mid-America Association of Libraries LawArXiv program

  15. Majority of Margie’s time went to working with Preservica to move the Legal Information Archive from OCLC; agreement signed

  16. Project reports:

  17. UELMA Preservation Group; working on white paper; monthly phone calls, Dan Cordova presented at Best Practices Exchange in Boston

  18. PALMPRint

  19. Upgraded interface will be launched soon

  20. Working on gap-filling collection

  21. LawArXiv

  22. Worked with the Center for Open Science on enhancements; batch uploading coming

  23. Educational Program Planning

  24. Education Committee

  25. Program accepted for AALL talking about different approaches to digital preservation projects

  26. Catherine Dunn and Leslie Street working on a webinar on how to advocate for a need within your state (e.g. authentication of state administrative code in Georgia).

  27. Open Discussion / Q&A

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