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October Preservation Tip

Need something to listen to on your commute, at your desk, or while folding laundry? The Preservation Committee would like to share a few podcast episodes related to preservation topics. We hope that they are both entertaining and informative!

  1. Brattlecast- Episode 12: Ken Gloss, of the Brattle Book Shop, shares his tips on the care and conservation of antiquarian books.

  2. Curious Minds- Digital Preservation and the Domesday Project: Two case studies on digital preservation projects for the 11th century Domesday Book.

  3. Dewey Decibel- Episode 1: Discussions on preservation topics in honor of ALCTS Preservation Week 2016.

  4. Dewey Decibel- Episode 23:  Interviews with organizations working with preserving moving-images and historical cinema.

  5. Dewey Decibel- Episode 25:  Interviews with librarians on their disaster response experience and advice.

If you have topics you would like to see highlighted, or suggestions for resources, please send them to Nariné Bournoutian at Tips from previous months are available here.

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