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In the wake of the acquisition of bepress by Elsevier, the increased interest in LawArXiv, the only non- commercial repository platform for legal scholarship is much appreciated. LawArXiv is owned and managed by our very own community of law librarians and legal scholars. There is no charge to upload papers in LawArXiv, thanks to grants obtained by the Center for Open Science. This funding however secures basic features for the platform, there is always substantial, additional financial cost needed to introduce and implement the types of enhancements you are used to accessing on monetized platforms such as Digital Commons and SSRN. This is exactly why your ongoing support is needed.

Forthcoming enhancements include:

Batch uploading – Slated for Q4 (October – December 2017)

Branded content – Slated for Q3 (July -September 2017)

Journal publishing – This is in our longer term roadmap plan.

Preprint terminology change to papers – Slated for August 2017

My library’s approach has been to upload current scholarship to LawArXiv, this process was initiated in May and has made the workflow extremely manageable. We will upload retrospectively when the batch upload feature becomes available later this year.

More information about LawArXiv can be found here. Questions about LawArxiv can be directed here.

All the best, -Femi

Femi Cadmus Edward Cornell Law Librarian Associate Dean for Library Services and Professor of the Practice LawArXiv Advisory Board Member Cornell Law School 365 Myron Taylor Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853 T: 607-255-7644 E:

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