International Digital Preservation Day, 30th November 2017

2017 is the inaugural year to celebrate International Digital Preservation Day. This year’s theme: Bits Decay: Do Something Today. Held on the last Thursday of November, International Digital Preservation Day is organized by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and supported by digital preservation networks around the world. The DPC is a not-for-profit membership organization registered in England and Wales. Members include universities, central banks, national libraries, IGOs, and government departments.

The DPC website has a searchable Knowledge Base. Resources include a Digital Preservation Handbook, revised 2nd edition. This peer-reviewed publication is freely accessible. Other Knowledge Base content includes Technology Watch Reports that address topics such as preserving social media, preserving eBooks and preservation metadata. From this page, the reader can also link to Make the Case for Digital Preservation which offers a Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit. Additional content is available. Note that some tools are only available to members.

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Michelle Trumbo

Executive Director

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