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Consider becoming a FIPNet Partner!

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is looking for several types of partners in relation to FIPNet.

What is FIPNet? GPO’s Federal Information Preservation Network is a strategy for a collaborative network of information professionals working in various partner roles to ensure access to the national collection of Government information for future generations.

What roles can/do partners play?  Partners may elect to work with GPO on one or more of the following preservation activities:

  1. Cataloging and metadata creation

  2. Digitization and content conversion

  3. Harvesting Web content

  4. Hosting digital content

  5. Storing physical copies

  6. Condition assessment

  7. Conservation

  8. Other innovative activities that support preservation

Do you have a complete collection of government documents in a particular area that you plan on retaining for at least a few years?  Consider becoming a Preservation Steward!  UC Boulder became the first Preservation Steward by pledging to permanently preserve their print collections of Congressional Hearings, the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, and the Bound Congressional Record (and its predecessor titles) at GPO’s fall federal depository library conference in October.  [Press Release here.]

What is a Preservation Steward? “Preservation Stewards, under a Memorandum of Agreement with GPO, will retain all or a portion of discard-eligible depository resources, taking on responsibilities for preserving depository materials that are preservation copies of record. Identifying Preservation Stewards will allow GPO to ensure that preservation copies of record will be in geographically dispersed locations in the United States, as required by the Joint Committee on Printing.”  You can read more about the Regional Discard Policy and the role that Preservation Stewards play here.

Scan federal documents to add to FDsys (or its successor, govinfo)! GPO recently released guidelines for contributing digital content (which include technical specifications).

There are many ways to get involved and help preserve government information.  Please consider becoming a FIPNet partner!

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