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Announcing The Chesapeake Project Web Interface,

From Sarah Rhodes 17 Sept. 2008

The Chesapeake Project is pleased to announce that that our new, searchable Web interface is now available at provides access to digital materials archived as part of The Chesapeake Project, as well as project-related reports and information.

The Chesapeake Project is a two-year pilot digital preservation program established to preserve and ensure permanent access to vital legal information currently available in digital formats on the World Wide Web. The project is a collaborative venture implemented under the auspices of the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) by three LIPA-member libraries: the Georgetown University Law Library, the Maryland State Law Library, and the Virginia State Law Library.

* The Maryland State Law Library digital-archive collection contains items that describe, analyze, document, propose, clarify, or define public-policy and legal issues that affect the citizens of the state of Maryland.

* The Virginia State Law Library digital-archive collection represents the online publications of the state’s judicial branch of government, including those of the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Judicial Council of Virginia.

* The Georgetown Law Library digital-archive collection includes secondary legal materials based on scholarly areas of interest and the established legal research institutes at the Georgetown Law Center, as well as jurisdictional materials by and about the District of Columbia.



Sarah Rhodes | Digital Collections Librarian

Georgetown University Law Library

111 G St., NW, Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 202.662.4065

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