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Past Meetings

July 2017, Austin, TX


July 2016, Chicago, IL


July 2015, Philadelphia, PA


July 2014, San Antonio, TX
The annual business meeting will be held during the AALL Annual Meeting on Sunday, July 13, 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m., in the Marriott Rivercenter, Salon D. Our agenda includes presentations on using Archive-It to preserve web content. Other topics are still being developed, so watch this space for more information.


July 2013, Seattle, WA
The annual business meeting was held during the AALL Annual Meeting on Sunday, July 14, 12:30-1:45 p.m., in the Sheraton Seattle, Metropolitan Ballroom B. Superintendent of Documents Mary Alice Baish discussed potential LIPA/GPO partnerships. There was also a report on the results of the 2013 member survey and discussion on using the responses to set LIPA’s priorities. See the blog post and the brief report.


July 2012, Boston, MA
The LIPA business meeting was held during the AALL annual conference on Sunday, July 22, 12:00-1:00 p.m., in the Sheraton-Independence Ballroom West.


January 2012, Washington, DC
LIPA met during the AALS conference at George Washington University’s Jacob Burns Law Library on Friday, January 6th, from 10 a.m. to noon.


July 2011, Philadelphia, PA
The LIPA business meeting was held during the AALL conference on Sunday, July 24.

A LIPA-sponsored workshop, “Digitizing Government Information: How to Plan and Conduct a Digitization Project in Your Library” was offered on Saturday, July 23.


January 7, 2011, San Francisco, CA
LIPA met during the AALS conference. The University of San Francisco Law Library hosted the meeting. See notes from the meeting.


July 2010, Denver, CO
The LIPA business meeting was held at the AALL annual meeting on Sunday, July 11. See notes from the meeting.

Program: “The Durham Statement on Open Access One Year Later: Preservation and Authentication of Legal Scholarship.” See speaker Richard Danner’s paper on this topic on SSRN.


July 2009, Washington, DC
LIPA met during the AALL annual meeting on Sunday, July 26th. Judy Meadows reviewed the new Strategic Plan 2009 .at the meeting. SeeLIPA Meeting Notes 7-26-2009. A LIPA-sponsored program, Preserving Our Legislative Heritage: New Approaches for States covered Library of Congress-supported work to preserve the digital records of state legislatures. William LeFurgy of NDIIPP took part, as did Robert Horton from the Minnesota Historical Society and leader of A Model Technological and Social Architecture for the Preservation of State Government Digital Information Project, and Sean McGrath, from Propylon.


January 9, 2009, San Diego, CA:
LIPA met during the AALS conference in San Diego. See LIPA Meeting Notes 1/9/2009


uly 2008, Portland, OR:
See from this business meeting. Two related programs, sponsored by the TS-SIS, were held during the AALL meeting: “The Role of Print Repositories in an Electronic Age” and “The Chesapeake Project: One Model for Digital Preservation.”


January 3, 2008, New York, NY:
The LIPA meeting was held at the Columbia Law School in association with the annual meeting of AALS in New York. See LIPA Meeting Notes 1-3-2008


uly 2007, New Orleans:
(1) July 15 Program: Report on Chesapeake Project; Reports on print repositories.
(2) July 16 Business Meeting: SeeLIPA Meeing Notes 7-16-2007


January 5, 2007, Washington, DC:
Georgetown University Law Library hosted the meeting during AALS. See LIPA Meeting Notes 1-5-2007 from the meeting.


July 2006, St. Louis:
(1) Program on the OCLC Digital Archive, presentation by Judith Cobb, OCLC. The OCLC Digital Archive is one of several services under consideration to provide support for a digital preservation project for legal resources. The OCLC service is standards-based; and it provides a platform to capture, manage and provide access to archived digital content.
(2) Business Meeting – See LIPA Meeting Notes 7-2006 and Strategic Plan 2006 (Final Draft)


January 2006, Washington, DC:
The meeting was held at Georgetown Law Center. Minutes Jan. 2006 from the meeting.


July 2005, San Antonio:
(1) Presentation by Judith Cobb, OCLC: Preserving Legal Materials In Digital Formats
(2) Business Meeting –Notes & Status Report on a LIPA Dark Archive


January 2005, San Francisco: LIPA Meeting Notes 1-6-2005 from the meeting; and
Notes from a separate, paper oriented meeting.


July 2004, Boston: LIPA members agreed to amend and adopt a governance proposal that creates an Executive Committee and that gives each member institution one vote on policy decisions. Hope Breeze reported on the details of the Inventory Project, which will result in a database and an analysis of the results. Tom Clareson reported that a contract has been signed with OCLC for the development of a White Paper to inform LIPA members as they serve as advocates for the preservation of legal information. Terry Martin offered to use Harvard resources to conduct the first election of officers.


January 2004, Atlanta: LIPA Meeting Notes 1-4-2004 from the meeting.


July 2003, Seattle: The LIPA Steering Committee met and determined the next steps to be taken. S.C. members agreed that a half-time Executive Director would be hired and that this individual would begin to draft a white paper, to coordinate an inventory of all the states, and to approach funding agencies. The S.C. discussed the issue of a permanent structure for LIPA, which might be affiliated with a library group or which might be independent. A draft document will be presented to the LIPA membership by the annual AALL meeting next year on how best to do this. At a meeting of LIPA members, the importance of having relevant educational programs was discussed; and Carol Billings and Tom Clareson agreed to come up with program ideas to submit for the Boston meeting of AALL.

The Founding of LIPA

March 2003, Washington, DC:
Georgetown University Law Library and the American Association of Law Libraries sponsored a conference, “Preserving Legal Information for the 21st Century: Toward a National Agenda.” The objectives of the conference were to develop a national agenda for preserving our legal heritage, to develop an action plan for implementation on a cooperative basis, and to build consensus and commitment among the participants. The conference participants developed a national agenda outline that covered Purpose, Content to be Preserved, Infrastructure, Standards, Collaboration/ Partnerships and Sustainability. To carry out this agenda, they agreed to establish a new organization, the Legal Information Preservation Alliance.
• Conference Report

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