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Digital Preservation Resources

We have celebrated Preservation Week 2013 with stories and events from LIPA member libraries. To cap off the week I want to highlight a few of the preservation resources from The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress.

Think preservation is only for libraries and cultural institutions? Think again! For information on personal digital archiving, see this great site on preserving your own digital memories: digital photographs, audio and video; electronic mail; personal digital records; and websites. This is a great place to start for basic guidance on preserving personal and family memories.

For those interested in broadening their preservation knowledge for the workplace, see Digital Preservation in a Box. DPB is a product of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s Outreach Working Group and is designed as a toolkit to support outreach activities that introduce the basic concepts of preserving digital information. The toolkit includes segments on digital preservation tools, digital storage options, preservation by format, and much more. The materials are geared towards a general audience who routinely create or manage digital information, but who may need a working knowledge of this area for digital preservation on the job or for training others on how to preserve digital resources.

Finally, learn more about the National Digital Stewardship Alliance and its work  to establish, maintain, and advance the capacity to preserve our nation’s digital resources for the benefit of present and future generations. LIPA is a member of this important group, working collaboratively to reserve access to our national digital heritage.

The theme of Preservation Week is Pass It On. Share these resources with others and do your part to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

Margaret K. Maes Executive Director Legal Information Preservation Alliance P. O. Box 5266 Bloomington, IN  47407 Phone: 812-822-2773

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