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Robert Mead, Candidate for Chair Elect/Chair (2021 - 2023) 

**Rob is currently on the LIPA Board and has been serving as its Treasurer since 2019**


I have been interested in preservation throughout my career as a law librarian, including both the physical preservation of law books as historic objects and preservation of the content of published American primary and secondary resources. As a state law librarian in both New Mexico and now Washington, I have focused on collecting and preserving a complete collection of all legal titles published in and about each state’s law, including the hunt for missing volumes of early codes, treatises, and bar publications.


Diana Jaque

Diana Jaque, Candidate for Treasurer (2021 - 2023)


I would be honored to work with LIPA as its Treasurer. Managing budgets has been the “bread and butter” of my career which spans from library acquisitions to now as a library director. In addition, I served as the Technical Services-SIS Secretary/Treasurer from 2016 to 2018 and again from 2019 to 2020. Both stints had challenging financial issues which required perseverance in working through the details. Reimbursements were part of my responsibilities and I am familiar working within established policies and procedures such as those adopted by LIPA. I also assist my local AALL Chapter, SCALL, budget for their annual institute each year and evaluate sites based on financial concerns. So, I enjoy working with numbers as part of my volunteer activities.

I am eager to be more involved in LIPA. Like most everyone else, my library was closed for twelve months and we now find ourselves within a period where materials budgets are contracting. This makes collaboration and cooperation between law libraries even more important for our institutions to survive. LIPA provides numerous opportunities for collaborative programs and initiatives such as the Legal Information Archive, Palmprint, and the Law Review Preservation Program. These existing LIPA programs will only gain in importance as we approach another challenging period for law libraries. Often new initiatives come out of challenging times and I look forward to evaluating and supporting new initiatives to move LIPA and the law library community forward.

In closing, I am happy to get down to work and assist LIPA by serving as its Treasurer.


Jaime Valenzuela, Candidate for Member-at-Large (2021 - 2023)


Hello LIPA members! My name is Jaime Valenzuela. I am the Archivist at the Cracchiolo Law Library of the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. I am interested in serving on the LIPA board to learn more about the mission of LIPA and to help work towards fulfilling it. I’ve found that I learn best being hands-on. What better way to learn about LIPA than serving on its board? I welcome the opportunity to further engage with LIPA members who, like me, are here to learn. Perhaps we can teach one another something. I look forward to assisting LIPA’s recently launched grants program and to further establish connections with LIPA member institutions. More specifically, I’d welcome the opportunity to establish connections with LIPA member institutions’ points of contact. LIPA can play a more important role in helping member institutions preserve  important legal history. I believe that one way to do so is to further engage with the points of contact who may just need the extra push to get involved. Not every point of contact is going to reach out to our Executive Director and ask how to get involved. I did and that’s why I am here. To engage with all of you and assist LIPA to the best of my ability. I look forward to serving.